Thank you to the outgoing committee members Gary Smith (Vice President), Lindsay Harbord (Treasurer) and Andre Baillon (Fishing Secretary), Ken Chubb (Safety Officer), George Ghossein (FCA Delegate & BBQ). Your dedication and years of service to the club  have set a high standard for the incoming committee.

The Incoming committee as voted on August 12, 2015.

·        President - Bill Lee

·         Vice President -  Andre Baillon

·         Fishing Secretary - Charlie Spataro

·         Treasurer - Brendon Tanti

·         Ordinary Member – Glen Baker

·         Social Secretary – Gary Kearns

Supporting the Committee

·         Safety Officer – Andrew Mernagh

·         Auditor – Andre Baillon

·         Public Officer – Bill Lee

·       Refreshments – ‘The Team’ – Gary Skuse, Phil Targett and David ‘Scruffy’ Hayward

·         Social Committee – Garry Kearns

·        Web / Facebook and anything more complicated than a calculator – Clint Ruhle

·         Magazine – Ray Jones, Gary Heather and Brendon Tanti

·         Fishing Committee – Andrew Mernagh, Paul Winterflood, Leon Koutsoufis, Jerry Maroudas, Steve Elena and Clint Ruhle

·         FCA Delegates -Steve Elena, Jerry Maroudas and Leon Koutsoufis

·         BBQ – Ray Cranley and Joan Janjic

·         Engineering (Ramp and Channel) – Phil Targett

·         Last but not least Lawns – Stuart Travis