Club Membership

When you consider the benefits of membership, joining the club is great value for money.


We welcome membership enquiries from any member of the community who is interested in recreational fishing.  


Applications for membership are considered after an applicant has attended a minimum of two general members' meetings and a club orientation session.  Application forms can be obtained at the club house on any meeting night. The dates of the meeting nights are listed on the calendar on this site.  Orientation sessions are held when needed and the dates announced at members' meetings.


All new members are admitted as Associate members.


Our current membership fee structure is as follows:-


Once-off joining fee $5


Gate key deposit $25

(The deposit is refundable if you cease to be a member or no longer wish to have a gate key and return the gate key)


Annual adult membership (Full and all Associates including. pensioner) $110


Annual Full Member Pensioner membership $60


Annual gate key fee $100 (for members who wish to have a gate key)


Adult membership entitles the member's spouse and any children under 16 years of age to be Family members and pay no fees, allowing other family members (spouse / children) to participate in all events hosted by the club.


Fees for Junior members who are not Family members

Under 14 year of age: No fees

14 to 16 years of age: Half of the adult fees



All members of the club are entitled to access the facilities of the club 365 days a year!